Nail Oil Repair & Protect – The herbal remedy for Nail Fungus

Herbal! Effective! Proven!

Farewell to Nail Fungus – Forever!

You don’t want to see your nails looking like this? Then you need immediate action!

Nail Oil Repair & Protect – Benefits

Selected herbal extracts effectively against fungus build-up
100% pure and natural ingredients, no chemical additives
Effective care and sanitation of fingernails and toenails with fungal infection
Vegan and no synthetic additives
Used and recommended by experts
Thousands of customer satisfaction feedbacks received
Made in Germany

Finally you can have nice and healthy feet and nails

The Nail Oil Repair & Protect is a special blend of selected bontanical oils. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of these oils are extraordinary effective and achieve a very high successful rate in the prevention of nail fungus.

Totally natural and no harmful ingredients!

The nail fungus cure made of chemical preparation often brings resistance that could affect the effectiveness. In comparison a blend of selected herbal extract oils guarantees a positive cosmetic treatment of nails. The nail oil is packed in a high-quality violet glass bottle for a natural preservation and optimal light-blocking, to conserve the effectiveness of the herbal extract as long as possible.

The oil contains a blend of

The Nail Oil Repair & Protect are widely introduced and recommended


Where can I buy Nail Oil Repair & Protect?

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Also available:

In pharmaices in Germany (Article number: 10022445), Austria (4250202) and Switzerland (7236266). 

In Amazon Europe.

Customer feedbacks

Our recommendation for foot and nail care in addition to Nail Oil Repair & Protect

For optimal care

Use the nail oil in combination with our natural Repair & Protect foot care products to achieve best results for treatment and cure of Foot and Nail Fungus

Foot Bath Concentrate Repair & Protect

The combo set contains Nail Oil Repair & Protect, Foot Bath Concentrate – and disposible nail files as free gift.
Original price 37,77 € special price 30,95 € – saved 18%!

Order number: PZN 10022445 (Nail Oil), 10086741(Foot Bath Concentrate)

More info

Foot Spray BioFit Herbal

Foot spray in a handy bottle for protection, care and sanitation of feet against athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

Full Foot and Nail Care Combo-Set (with Nail Oil, Foot Bath Concentrate and Foot Spray BioFit) available.

Order number: PZN 10022445 (Nail Oil), 10086741(Foot Bath Concentrate), 10751322(Foot Spray BioFit)

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Foot Bath Salt Repair & Protect

Foot Bath Salt Repair & Protect maintains an optimal foot sanitation and prevention of foot and nail fungus – with relieving Epsom Salt, Dead Sea Salt and herbal Oils for sanitation.

Order number: PZN 12907018

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Washing Lotion Repair & Protect

Washing Lotion Repair & Protect maintains a natural protection against bacterial and fungal ingress of feet and skin, as well as relief of dry and itchy feet.

Order number: PZN 13168379

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