HerpNatura – Repair & Protect

Remedy oil for cold sores and lip blisters

HerpNatura Repair & Protect – Benefits

Provide support and fast remedy of lip blisters caused by herpe virus
Pure botanical oils for care and protection of lips
Melissa & Tea Tree oil provide antiviral, itch-stopping and anti-inflammatory effects.
Facilitate the remission of blisters and the regeneration of skin
Thousands of satisfactory feedback received
Small quantity required and easy to use

The pure herbal ingredients provides strong antiviral and anti-inflammation effects for optimal treatment of cold sores. The oil also contains Eukalyptus oil to relieve pain.

This herbal preparation contains essential oils from Melissa, Tea Tree and Eukalyptus against herpes virus. The skin-regenerating Palm Rose oil and Rose oil support the healing process.

Our advice

HerpNatura Repair & Protect can be applied as early as the appearance of the first sign!

So the outbreak of lip blisters can be eliminated.

Where can I buy the herbal HerpNatura Repair & Protect?

Herp Natura
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Also available:

In pharmacies in Germany (Article number: 10086698) and Austria (4250260).

in Amazon Europe.

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