Washing Lotion Repair & Protect

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Washing Lotion Repair & Protect

Natural and gentle washing Lotion for daily sanitation and effective control of bacterial growth, skin irritations, inflammation such as fungal infection, and unpleasant body odour


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( 7,48 / 100 ml)
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Washing lotion with high-quality natural essential oils from tea tree, oregano, rosemary and peppermint provides optimal results.

Washing Lotion Repair & Protect – Benefits

Regular care and protection of your feet and nails effectively against fungal infection and eliminates foot and body odour.
High-quality natural essential oils from tea tree, oregano, rosemary and peppermint provides optimal results.
Soothes dry and itching skin
Washing Lotion provides effective protection against bacteria and fungus
Convenient for daily personal hygiene

A natural way to effective hygiene and protection for your feet

The Washing Lotion Repair& Protect strengthens skin’s natural protect barrier and facilitates the protection and prevention against athlete’s foot and dermal infections.

The lotion contains natural essential oils from tea tree, oregano, rosemary and peppermint, that reliefs the itchy and dry skin, keep yourself protected from bacterial and fungal ingress. Almond Oil and Aloe Vera soften, moisturize and leave a pleasant sensation on skin. The coconut oil as natural surface-active agent makes this washing lotion ideal for body and feet. The combination of natural oils and herbal extracts effectively control foot and body odour.

The optimal application

Use twice a day. Just apply on moist skin, massage gently then rinse.

We also recommend the Foot Bath Salt Repair & Protect and the Foot Bath Concentrate Repair & Protect for protection and sanitation of feet with foot and nail fungus.
For sanitation of feet we recommend the Foot Spray BioFit – ideal after sport, sauna or swimming pool.

Pharmacy quality product

Available in pharmacies and online pharmacies in Germany (call-off number/PZN: 13168379 ) and Austria (4631022).


High-quality, certified ingredients from seletcted suppliers are used

Professional Knowledge

Pharmacists’ knowledge brings botanical ingredients to optimal effect


100% natural – from regional sources, without chemical-synthetic additives, no animal testing

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Pharmacy quality product - Made in Germany