About Casida

Who is Casida? Here is the answer.

Casida GmbH & Co. KG  is one of the major manufacturers of herbal remedies and health products in Germany. Since the company’s establishment its natural products have caught the attention of the country’s health-conscious public, professional users, therapists and fellow pharmacists, and they have been introduced and recommended by numerous health magazines and publications.

Casida – from the nature, for the people

Since 1990s, German pharmacist Ms. Ute Helm has been exploring the effect of active ingredients in therapeutic plants, their preparation as well as their effects on our well-being. Mrs Helm’s son, Alexander Helm – also a pharmacist – overtook this vision and founded Casida in 2016, with the aim of delivering these knowledge to people through high-quality products. Years of experience and pharmaceutical know-how can be found in various healthcare products – from pure herbal nail oil for nail fungus remedy, to magnesium and other high-quality nutritional supplements, to the innovative skincare products with retinol and hyaluronic acid – in which ingredients with highest quality are selected and thoughtfully used to achieve the desired effect. Now Casida has created a broad range of products, with the aim of accompanying the health-conscious, nature-aligned people through every stage of life.

Sustainable Healthiness Made in Germany

Casida not only renounces the use of chemical additives such as colourings, fragrances and preservatives, but also applies organic-grade ingredients wherever possible. Most of their products is vegan, for leading a sustainable lifestyle.

Products from Casida are manufactured by the facilities in the economic region of west Saxony, and no animal testing is involved in all stage of production and distribution – as part of the ideology “Healthiness Made in Germany”.

Our Promise:

Best Ingredients

We only use ingredients of highest quality. Certified raw materials are important to us!

Professional Knowledge

As pharmacists, we know the effects of high-quality, mostly botanical raw materials very well, so we can blend them selectively for desired applications.

Selected Suppliers

We know our suppliers and ensure that only the finest ingredients are used in our products.

Our Driving Forces

Your health and well-being are always on our mind.
We would like to support and delight you in every stage of life with our products.
Naturalness, integrity, innovation, safety and reliability are our core values.

What we believe& what we stand for

The message is simple – We believe in Quality. 

We do not use chemical or synthetic colorings, fragrances or preservatives, and organic-grade ingredients will be used when possible.

The ingredients in our products are clearly declared.

Every product is the essence of our knowledge with high hygienic standards.

Pharmacy quality product - Made in Germany