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Nail Fungus in Kids?

Nail fungus in children

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Generally speaking, children’s nails are rarely affected by nail fungus, as the nails of the little ones differ from those of adults and grow differently. Nonetheless, dermatologists are seeing an increasing number of nail fungus infections in children. It is now more and more common for children and adolescents to come to the dermatologist with symptoms of nail fungus or athlete’s foot. The causes are different from case to case, but the common trigger is mostly in the home environment.

Where does nail fungus in children come from?

There are various factors that increase the risk of developing nail fungus in children.

Infection risk at home

Nail fungus in children happens most commonly when a family member at home is already suffering from nail fungus. If parents or siblings walk barefoot through the house and leave fungus-carrying skin flakes on carpets or floor, it is only a matter of time that nail fungus eventually shows up in children. Small children in particular often run barefoot around the house or try out their siblings ‘or parents’ shoes. This may additionally increase the infection risk.
Swimming pools

Swimming pools

Fungus loves humid and warm environments. Swimming pools therefore offer the ideal conditions for the spread of nail fungus in children, as they often like to stay in swimming pools and also run around barefoot. Changing rooms and toilets in swimming pools are particularly high-risk areas with an above-average number of skin flakes with fungus on the floor.


There is also an increased risk of infection for children who are active in sports. While exercise is good for the body, sports like running or soccer carry some risks. Inappropriate footwear and jerky movements can cause minor injuries and blisters on the feet. This in turn allows the fungus to penetrate the skin more easily and cause nail fungus in children.


A weak immune system and chronic diseases such as diabetes are common causes of nail fungus in children.

What is the treatment of the nail fungus in children?

Treatment for nail fungus in children depends on the infestation. Basically, the nail fungus in children is easier to treat in the early stages. If it comes with a thickened nail plate, the infected nail should be filed down as much as possible, then an antifungal agent is applied on the affected area.

Natural remedies are the best choice

In den meisten Fällen helfen bereits Öle, Fußbäder, Sprays sowie regelmäßige Fußpflege mit passenden Waschlotionen. Dabei sind rein pflanzliche Inhaltsstoffe wie das Nagelöl Repair & Protect von Casida zu empfehlen. Es handelt sich hierbei um eine Mischung aus unterschiedlichen ätherischen und pflanzlichen Ölen, die besonders sanft zur Haut und gleichzeitig effektiv das Pilzwachstum hemmen.

Die natürliche Alternative von Casida ist für Kinder ab 6 Jahren geeignet, da sie aus rein pflanzlichen Inhaltsstoffen besteht und keine Nebenwirkungen hervorruft. Ideal ist die Kombination mit der dazugehörigen Waschlotion und dem Fußbadesalz von Casida. Dadurch wird für zusätzliche Fußhygiene und natürlichen Schutz gegen Nagelpilz gesorgt.

Regular maintenance

For a successful combat against nail fungus in children, the infected areas should be treated regularly and long-term. With nail fungus, perseverance is required, but it pays off. It is important to file down the affected nails as much as possible with disposable nail files so as not to get cross-infected again. For children in particular, smearing the nails with nail oil is a simple application, and applying foot spray and a foot bath once a day can also help.

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