Foot Spray BioFit Herbal

A pure herbal way to protect, care and sanitate feet with foot and nail fungal infection

Foot Spray BioFit Herbal – Benefits

Foot Spray BioFit Herbal can effective protect your skin against fungal infection of foot and nail.
For sanitation of feet and shoes after sport, sauna, swimming pool and hotel room


Effectively eliminate foot perspriation, odours, and smelly shoes…
Antibacterial and effective protection against athlete’s foot and nail fungus!
With selected botanical oils.
Made in Germany

Application areas

Sanitation and protection against athlete's foot and nail fungus


Sanitation of all kinds of shoes


Refreshment for feet


Complementary with Nagelöl Repair & Protect


Foot Spray BioFit Herbal effectively protects against athlete’s feet and nail fungus, and provides care and refreshment to the feet. It is also an ideal care and sanitation for feet and nail witih fungal infections.

Contains valuable herbal essential oils from tea tree, thyme, eucalyptus and peppermint. The antibacterial and antifungal properties of these herbal oils are well-known – and as pure and natural way to protect feet against athlete’s foot and nail mycosis.

The Foot Spray BioFit Herbal is also effective against unpleasant foot odours and ensures a soothing fresh feeling.

Foot sanitation is an important part to fungal infection recovery

Schnelle & einfache Anwendung für die Füße und Schuhe.

All patients of athlete’s foot and nail fungus knows the key role of foot sanitation for preventing fungal infection. However, regular sanitation of foot is not enough and special treatment is required, and the use of natural products can achieve excellent results.
In addition healthy feet should not be a matter of luck.  It is good to notice that the harm fungi can be everywhere. Humid and warm environments, such as swimming pools, sauna or fitness studios, are common spots for fungi growth.

Daily protection

Perfect for daily use – just a few pumps into shoes and on feet for giving daily protection against tough athlete’s foot and nail mycosis.

Where can I buy Foot Spray BioFit Herbal?

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Also available

In pharmacies in Germany (Article number: 10751322) and Austria (4285761).

in Amazon Europe.

Perfect complement to Foot Spray BioFit Herbal

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