Our natural health and personal care products serve not only the well-being of the people, but also our life-essential nature and the environment. That is why we rely on natural ingredients, consistently avoid chemical additives such as colorings, fragrances and preservatives and pay attention to the following principles throughout our production and operation:

Casida sustainability banner


We use product packaging made from recycled material and high-quality brown and violet glass. We also avoid excessive packaging materials and use sustainable packaging tape and recycled paper wrappers made of 100% used paper when shipping parcels.
Our goal is to replace 99% of plastic packing materials with recycled material in 2025.


We develop innovative products with high-quality ingredients and avoid the use of chemical-synthetic additives. With this now our products are 99% bio-degradable. Nevertheless we develop alternative green products to replace traditional products, such as deodorant cream (instead of aerosol sprays) and rich toothpaste powder instead of toothpaste.


To reduce our CO2 emissions, all packages are delivered by eco-friendly DHL GoGreen services. This option offsets the greenhouse gases generated during transport through a number of environmental protection projects. We also aware the CO2 emission through online operations, and therefore use hosting services that are 100% powered by green energy.


The more simplified the delivery way, the less the resources and CO2 involved. Therefore we send out almost all products from our warehouse in the business region of west Saxony and use raw materials from EU-countries. We also leverage the regional impact of sales: the Casida products are for sale online as well as in every local pharmacies in Germany.