Air Purifying Essential Oil Blends – Have a Try

Aromatherapy is not just about smelling good. Using blends of essential oils of specific properties, the air quality can be improved – this can help you getting through the tough times. Our recommended blends (all mixtures shall be used in aroma diffusers with min. 300ml water capacity):


Disinfecting Floor Cleaner DIY with Essential Oils

Natural Floor Cleaner Solution Make your own disinfecting floor cleaner with essential oil and some simple ingredients ! It is extreme easy – and less complicated than you ever thought?


Disinfectant Spray DIY with Essential Oils

Natural Disinfecting Cleaning Spray without Chlorine Make your own disinfecting cleaning spray with essential oil and cut your stock of chemical stuff! ?? You make disinfection of tables, kitchen tops, toilets and other surfaces as daily housekeeping routine, but need some natural alternatives? With some simple ingredients you can make your own disinfectant spray at home ?


Disinfecting Handrub DIY with Essential Oils

Running out of Handrub? According to medical experts, hand disinfection is one of the effective ways to prevent transmission of bacterial and viral carriers. The best way is washing hands with soap and water for 45 seconds then wipe dry. But in case of no available wash basins and water outlets nearby, disinfecting handrub would be an alternative solution –

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Casida Beauty Routine: skincare makes simple

You find your bathroom cabinets and vanity top filled up with all kinds of skincare products – from skin toners and make-up remover to facial serums, all kinds of facial masks, peeling creams, moisturising gels, eye creams and eye pads, facial oils, day creams and night creams? And you spend more than 30 minutes everyday on facial works, but the

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