Mask-Spray DIY Guide

For months we have been getting used to contact restrictions. The Corona-pandemic has a significant impact on everyday life. This is especially true for working people who are exposed to frequent interpersonal contact. The obligation of wearing masks continues in all countries of the world in order to avoid droplets transmission and there is still no end forseeable.


Stay fit throughout winter Part 7: Acupressure to Stop Cough and Hoarseness

Any body who did not experienced this annoying tickle in throat, no matter as a standalone symptom, or coming together with other common cold discomforts? Would it be good if there is an instant fix for this! Then Acupressure would be a possible answer to this call.


Mouthwashing against Corona?

Various measures are being ordered to curb the further spread of the currently rampant Corona virus and to keep it under control. Mouth and nose coverage and frequent washing and disinfection of hands are now just as much a part of everyday life as keeping distance rules. A recent study now shows the benefits of antiviral mouthwashes. Regular mouthwashes can

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Curcumin as herbal supplement

The yellow-orange curcumin - well known as a natural colouring - can be extracted in a natural or synthetic way from the turmeric root, which belongs to the ginger family. The synthetical production of curcumin is possible by bacterial fermentation. The turmeric root has a spicy-bitter taste and a peppery, earthy smell. Curcumin as a food additive is known as
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How to avoid vitamin K2 deficiency

There are more and more people having bone problems now. However, not many people realise that vitamin K is exactly the right solution in such cases. Vitamin K prevents calcium from being deposited in the arteries and ensures that calcium is used to build bones. This only only prevents heart attacks, but also prevents osteoporosis. What is Vitamin K? Compared
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