Saxony’s Entrepreneur 2019 – Special Prize for Start-ups

We are shortlisted! We are happy to tell you that Casida is one of the shortlisted nominees for the Special Prize “Sachsen Gründet – Start-Up” of 2019 Saxony’s Entrepreneur of the Year (Sachsens Unternehmer des Jahres). All shortlisted nominees are selected by a special jury after reviewing the profiles of candidates. We are looking forward to the final announcement of

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The Multitalented Natron

Natron has been believed to be an effective substance against hyperacidity and heartburn since ancient Rome. Also in ancient Greece the healing power of natron had been well told around. Good to know: in common terms natron is also known as baking soda, natrium hydrogen carbonate or sodium bicarbonate. The application of natron


Stay fit throughout winter Part 8: Thyme Balm

If you have caught common cold at an early stage, there are good remedies available in the pharmacies. We recommend Casida Thyme Balm with Myrtle as an optimal care of commom cold or flu infections with coughing, hoarseness or sore throats.


Stay fit throughout winter Part 7: Acupressure to Stop Cough and Hoarseness

Any body who did not experienced this annoying tickle in throat, no matter as a standalone symptom, or coming together with other common cold discomforts? Would it be good if there is an instant fix for this! Then Acupressure would be a possible answer to this call.


Stay fit throughout winter Part 6: Sneeze-relieving Acupressure

This Acupressure can bring noticeable effects to relieving common cold symptoms. In case of common cold with sneezing you can try pressing the inner ends of eyebrows with tips of both middle fingers and massage along the eye brows from inner ends to outer ends. Then you can put your index fingers at the outer sides of nose then ‘vibrate’

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