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(Solid) deodorant is part of everyday body care of most of us. Everyone has their preferences: some apply the deodorant in the morning after showering, others before exercise, others as refreshment in between or before social contact. But not all deodorants are created equal: There are sprays, sticks, roll-ons, solid deodorants and deodorant creams – but they all have the same function: They are supposed to prevent, erase or eliminate sweat odor. That’s what makes them so popular. Whether you prefer to spray, roll-on or cream is a question of conviction – and recently also an environmental question, because ingredients and packaging are increasingly playing an important role.

What kind of stuffs are there actually in deodorants?

No matter in spray form or cream form  – most commercially available deodorants contain these ingredients:

  • Antimicrobial substances to kill the bacteria that are responsible for the formation of odors on the skin.
  • Fragrances such as mint or clove oil that mask body odor.
  • Special odor absorbers (e.g. zinc and sodium hydrogen carbonate) that absorb and neutralize odor-causing compounds.
  • Aluminum salts – but these have fallen into disrepute in the past because they can allegedly promote the development of breast cancer and / or dementia. Many deodorants in the natural cosmetics sector therefore do without this active ingredient.
  • Preservatives, synthetic fragrances and alcohol are also often used. However, these ingredients can promote allergic reactions. They are not contained in natural cosmetic deodorants.

In addition to the selection of active ingredients, the aspect of sustainability and environmental friendliness of beauty products is also a matter close to the hearts for many people. The top priority is to avoid waste and reduce plastic. So it’s no wonder that sprays and roll-ons do not have such a good chance of finding a place in the bathroom with environmentally conscious people. The better alternatives are solid deodorant and deodorant creams.

Solid deodorants: the environment-friendly alternative

More and more fans of Zero Waste / Less Waste stick to solid deodorant. It works without propellants and comes in environmentally friendly packaging. It contains no aluminum salts or other questionable ingredients. It is also usually much more economical than other deodorant variants and thus saves waste. It provides all-natural , often bio-verified ingredients for a fresh, natural smell under the armpits.

Casida Deodorant Cream – the Benefits

Since solid deodorant can easily crumble, a creamy consistency in the jar is the best choice. The deodorant cream from Casida has several advantages:

– 100% natural
– without synthetical additives
– without aluminum salts
– non-pore-clogging
– reliable protection against body odour
– fresh scent with essential oils of lavender, lime and lemongrass
– nourishing and moisturizing
– can be used immediately after shaving your armpit
– does not stain the clothing
– also compatible with sensitive skin
– very economical to use
– dermatologically tested – “excellent” by Dermatest
– manufactured cruelty-free

Deo Cream Natural

  • all-day protection
  • care

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155.40 / 1 L

These ingredients contribute the odor-neutralizing and skin-caring properties of the creamy solid deodorant:

  • Coconut oil – cares for sensitive skin and rough skin after shaving
  • Shea Butter – provides skin with “good” fats and nutrients
  • Wheat germ oil – soothes redness and irritation
  • Beeswax – serves as a consistency generator
  • Sodium monohydrogen carbonate – has antibacterial and odor-neutralizing properties
  • Zinc oxide – has an antibacterial and odor neutralizing effect
  • Lavender oil – helps with razor bumps thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Frankincense oil – inhibits bacterial growth
  • Tea tree oil – prevents inflammation and reduces bacterial growth
  • Lime oil – gives a fresh scent
  • Lemongrass oil – ensures pleasant citrus freshness

It can be applied even immediately after shaving, when the skin is particularly sensitive or slightly irritated. Casida deodorant cream offers long-lasting protection against unpleasant body odor. The fresh citrus scent accompanies you fragrantly through the day. The easy-to-use deodorant cream is also ideal for users with sensitive skin because, thanks to its gentle natural ingredients, it is extremely mild and low-irritating – this has been dermatologically tested and has been approved by Dermatest as “excellent”. The cream is easy to apply with the fingers, does not crumble and does not leave any white stains on clothing.

Credit point of deodorant cream: eco-friendly packaging

Another credit for the Casida deodorant cream: the neat packaging is made of 100% recycled material (RPET) with a metal lid. It can be reused or upcycled – as a jewelry box or for storage of small things of all kinds. On the Casida homepage there are upcycling instructions how to pimp the small can and give it a little personal touch.

The deodorant cream is also extremely economical to use, one pot is good for several months’ use. This also avoids wastage, protects the environment and is good for your conscience. What a nice thing – the Casida deodorant cream.

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