Coconut Oil Fluid Skin & Hair

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Coconut Oil Fluid Skin & Hair

Optimal care for skin and hair


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Light texture enables fast absorption without leaving oily layer on skin; does not block pores; Natural choice as hair conditioner and hair care spray for beautiful, shiny hair.

Coconut oil fluid for skin and hair – Benefits

Moisturizes and nourishes dry and itching skin


Light texture enables fast absorption without leaving oily layer on skin; does not block pores
Natural choice as hair conditioner and hair care spray for beautiful, shiny hair
Easy-to-use, Handy Spray Form

Coconut oil fluid for healthy, shiny hair and rosy, refreshed skin

The “magic” material from coconut could be the best known secret for a long time.  Neverthelesss it has a potential in versatile applications.  Apart from its role in gourmet cooking, coconut oil can enhance health in many aspects, like as natural skin-softener or hair conditioner. No wonder it becames a new hype now!

It does not mean that one can use the coconut fat for cooking in skincare applications. To many people it sounds little difference between coconut fat and coconut oil, but in fact they have different aggregation states. While the coconut cooking fat is in solid state, the coconut oil is semi-solid and its melting point is around 23-26 degree Celcius.  In tropical countries, the coconut oil comes in liquid form. In cooler areas it is usually in a creamy, white texture and therefore must be warmed up between palms before applying on hair and skin.

Through new and innovative production process

With simplified usage and preparation, coconut oil in liquid form is ideal for cosmetic applications. Through special production process the melting point  of coconut oil is lowered and remains in fluid form under room temperature.

Now we offer the coconut oil fluid with neutralised aroma for ideal application. Packed in a spray bottle, it can be dispensed easily and is handy to use for skincare and hair care at any time.

Pharmacy quality product

Available in pharmacies and online pharmacies in Germany (call-off number/PZN: 11108255) and Austria (4326649).


High-quality, certified ingredients from seletcted suppliers are used

Professional Knowledge

Pharmacists’ knowledge brings botanical ingredients to optimal effect


100% natural – from regional sources, without chemical-synthetic additives, no animal testing

Coconut Fluid for Skin

Skin, as the biggest organ of human, has gained a lot of attention and care. Skin supports breathing, regulates body temperature and protects body from harmful ingress of external organisms. This is the reason why skin problems and disorder brings much attention and worries.

The regular use of good, natural and pure coconut oil for skincare can keep the skin in a healthy state. The pure coconut oil can be sprayed on skin directly for optimal care as needed.

The rehydrating effect of coconut oil fluid can calm the skin effectively, and it can nurture and cool the skin after sunburn or shaving. The fine layer formed on skin provides protection against harmful UV-rays. The light texture of coconut oil fluid makes it easy to be absorbed by skin without leaving oily layer on skin or blocking skin pores.

The moisturing properties can mitigate skin aging and wrinkle development. The sustaining rehydration effect can moisturize and nourish very dry and itching skins.

The care and restorative properties of coconut oil on skin is incomparable by other oils. The coconut oil fluid can also strengthen the building of cellulite that firms the skin, resulting in an improved skin profile.  The oil can also be applied on stretch marks or age spots to facilitate skin cell regeneration.

Coconut Fluid for Hair

Coconut oil contains precious fatty acid and rich mineral content such as natrium, calcium, phosphor and iron. The combination of these substances can facilitate healthy hair growth, prevent hair loss and provide care from roots to ends.  In addition it can nurture dry and brittle hair with moisture, and boost hair regeneration.

Just spray a small amount of coconut oil fluid on particular dry areas and a soft film will cover every hair instantly.  The rough, dull or damaged hair will turn soft and shiny after application. For intensive repair effects equivalent to hair masks, just apply the coconut oil on hair leave for 30 minutes, then rinse the hair with a mild, silicone-free shampoo.

For stubborn tangling hair after towel or blow drying, apply a small amount of coconut oil fluid on fingers then rub it in to the hair. Soon the hair will turn manageable again. No conditioner is needed.

To keep the hair soft and easy-to-care, mix one teaspoon of coconut oil fluid with warm water and use it as a pre-wash, then wash the hair as usual.  The coconut oil can be used as ingredients for self-made shampoos and conditioners and formulas can be found in books and magazines.

It is easy to made, no animal testing and chemical preservatives guaranteed, and the effect is well-proven.  The oil can also be used on the four-leg flurry friends.

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Pharmacy quality product - Made in Germany