Aloe Vera Spray

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Aloe Vera Spray

Nourishing and moisturising


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( 6,48 / 100 ml)
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The natural aloe vera spray has versatile uses and can be applied on body, face and hair – a true all-rounder.

Volume: 200ml

✓ Natural Cosmetic with 99% Aloe Vera 

Casida Aloe Vera Spray contains natural ingredients as much as possible – this is our self-requirement.

✓ Transparency in Additives

To make the aloe vera spray that can be last for a few weeks, only 3 other ingredients are added – less than 1% in total. What they are and what they are for is explained with the ingredients section.

✓ Handy to Use

When vapourised as a spray, aloe vera unfolds its cooling, refreshing effect. The fine mist soothes irritated skin, refreshes the face and is samely nourishing on hair. Particularly quick absorption and without leaving any residue.

✓ Aloe Vera – the All-Rounder

The aloe vera spray provides skin and hair with intensive moisture and valuable nutrients. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and healing effects and supports our skin in recovery after sunburn or shaving.

✓ Suitable for all skin and hair types

✓ Vegan and without animal testing

Apply the useful Aloe Vera Spray a few times daily on skin and hair.

✓ Intensive moisturisation for dehydrated, dry skin

The light Aloe vera spray supplies dry and irritated skin with plenty of moisture that is extremely well to absorb. So small wrinkles don’t stand a chance. The skin is plumped up from the inside out, making it soft and supple.

✓ Ideal after-sun care

✓ Remedy for small wounds and skin irritation e.g.after shaving

Aloe vera has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. With more than 200 nutrients, aloe vera strengthens the skin structure and promote regeneration.

✓ For hair and scalp

Aloe Vera also supplies the hair and scalp with important nutrients and thus stimulates hair growth. Apply the spray directly on the scalp, massage in gently and leave to dry. Also can be sprayed on hair lengths and ends as a treatment.

Thanks to its more than 200 nutrients, the aloe vera plant has wonderful properties that are particularly valued in the cosmetic applications. These substances include minerals such as zinc, vitamins B, C and E, enzymes, amino acids and secondary plant substances such as salicylic acid. Aloe Vera has thus secured a permanent place in cosmetics, especially in the care of skin, hair and face. A whole range of nutrients provide intensive moisture and ensure radiant skin.

Even if the origin of the desert plant is not entirely clear, it is very likely that it comes from African or Arab areas. There the effects of aloe vera have been used in a variety of ways for several thousand years.

The fleshy and prickly leaves of the plant contain a gel-like juice that is usually available on the market in the form of aloe vera spray or aloe vera gel.

The Casida aloe vera spray not only has a refreshing and cooling effect, but is also extremely useful in spray form, as the fine mist is optimally distributed. The healing effect on the skin is probably the best known property of the aloe vera plant in addition to care. Therefore, the aloe vera spray is also ideal after extensive sunbathing, as it alleviates possible pain and itching.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – Aloe Vera juice in cosmetic quality

Citric acid – Stabilises the pH value

Sodium Benzoate – prevent microbial growth

Potassium Sorbate – prevent microbial growth

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Pharmacy quality product

Available in pharmacies and online pharmacies in Germany (call-off number/PZN: 16813047)


High-quality, certified ingredients from seletcted suppliers are used

Professional Knowledge

Pharmacists’ knowledge brings botanical ingredients to optimal effect


We pay attention to natural and sustainable ingredients in every product

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