Massage Lotion – non paraffin formula

Massage Lotion – non paraffin formula

Natural, hypoallergenic Massage Lotion – Non Paraffin Formula

massage lotion non paraffin

Massage Lotion non Paraffin Formula – Benefits

Ideal formula for therapeutic massage


With warming effect and facilitate blood circulation

Care and Protect – especially formulated for sensitive skin

Smooth yet with optimal grip

Non-Paraffin Formula and Contains No Parabens

This hypoallergenic massage lotion for therapeutic applications combines the comfortable smoothness with optimal grip for massage without oily feeling. It brings your skin soft and supple while reduces the external stress factors.

Why paraffin is removed from the formula?

Due to potential risks to skin and health, in our new massage lotion we strip out the ingredient paraffin – a by-product of petroleum industry.  A number of researches suggested that paraffin could accumulate in liver, kidney and lymph nodes. As paraffin forms an impermeable layer on skin, it block pores and disturbs the natrual regenerative ability of skin, and can eventually dry up the skin layers.
For these reasons we do no use this ingredient in our natrual products.

With high quality plant extracts

Rosmary facilitates blood circulation and support relaxation effect of massaging.

The additional prickly pear extract cares and protects skin from free radicals, while revitalises and supply skin moisture.

This Massage Lotion non Paraffin Formula is recommended by PT , the German-language magazine for physiotherapists

PT min frei

Where can I buy Massage Lotion non paraffin formula?

Massage Lotion 200 ml u 500 ml
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Also available:

  Available in two sizes: 500ml (Article number: 15433727) and 200ml (Article number: 15409953)

In selected German pharmacies.

On Amazon Europe.

Perfect complement to Massage Lotion Non Paraffin Formula

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