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Acupressure Against Cough and Hoarseness

Acupressure Against Cough and Hoarseness

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We all know this tormenting coughing feel – that can occur as the sole symptom or in combination with other cold symptoms? How good is it then to be able to remedy the situation quickly. Here is a natural healing option: Acupressure for coughs.

Finding the right acupressure points for coughs

First you look for the last cervical vertebra on the back of the coughing person. This can be recognized by the fact that it protrudes a little more at the end of the cervical spine than the neighboring vertebrae. From this one counts three vertebrae downwards. From this third thoracic vertebra, move both thumbs left and right about five centimeters outwards towards the shoulder blade, until the thumbs sink into two indentations. At this point, press three to six times in quick succession.

Our video uses a hand puppet to demonstrate how to find the right acupressure points for cough relief and how to perform acupressure for coughs:

How often should one apply acupressure for cough?

The acupressure described here can be performed six times a day if necessary.

Does acupressure also help with hoarseness?

We can also find help in acupressure for hoarseness. It doesn’t matter whether the hoarseness is due to a cold or overexertion of the voice.

Use your index fingers to pinch to the left and right of the Adam’s apple next to the trachea. Then lightly tap down the neck to the protruding bones of the collarbone and gently squeeze them in a circular motion. This procedure should be repeated five to ten times with only short breaks.

Another helpful point can be found at the back of the head. To do this, go up the back of your head from the back of your neck until you find a pressure-sensitive area at about eye level. In addition, there is a supplementary point on the inside of the elbow, which can be gently massaged and pressed in a circular motion.

Even if acupressure helps with cold symptoms, one should not forget that our lifestyle and mental attitude also have a great influence on the development of diseases and a healthy and balanced lifestyle is a prerequisite are for health and well-being.

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