Stay fit throughout winter Part 7: Acupressure to Stop Cough and Hoarseness

Any body who did not experienced this annoying tickle in throat, no matter as a standalone symptom, or coming together with other common cold discomforts? Would it be good if there is an instant fix for this! Then Acupressure would be a possible answer to this call.

The cervical vertebra is the point to find for dealing with the coughing and the discomfort. First look for the end of cervical vertebra which is more emerging than other vertebrae. Then move three vertebrae down. User both of your thumbs and move from this third thoracic vertebra left and right outwards to the scapula (i.e. the shoulder blades) about five centimeters until you find the “soft point”. Give a quick push at this point three to six times. This acupressure can be applied maximum six times a day.

Acupressure is also userful to tackle the tickle in throat. It can help the both tickle caused by cold air or by tension in the vocal cord.

Use both the left and right index fingers to push on the right and left side of the air tube near the Adam’s Apple. Then tap the neck lightly downwards until you reach the top of collar bone, then give pressure in a light circular movement. Repeat the whole cycle five to ten times with a small break in-between.

Another very helpful point is the back of the head. Track up from the back of the neck until you find the soft point near the eye level. In addition, you can massage and press the supplementary points in the inner side of elbows in a circular motion.

To maximize the effect of Acupressure against common cold discomfort, do bear in mind that our lifestyle and attitudes also play a major role in the development of sickness (and healthiness). A healthy and well-balanced lifestyle are always the prerequisite of health and well-being.

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