Vitamin E Oil – Ideal for body, face and hair

Natural Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E Oil – Benefits

High quality Vitamin E oil extracted from wheat germ for natural daily care of skin
Vitamin E moisturises skin, boost the collagen building and protect the skin from free radicals
Ideal for use on wrinkles, stretch marks and scars
Enhances a refreshed and rejuvenated look after regular use
The natural and pure Vitamin E oil provides intensive skin care after sunburn with antioxidative effects

Effect of botanical Vitamin E Oil







Suitable for skin and hair


Information about natural Vitamin E Oil from wheat germs

Weizen ist eine der ältesten Pflanzen der Erde. Mit seinen 200 bis 300 mg Vitamin E pro 100 g ist das aus den Keimen gewonnene Öl der wertvollste Lieferant dieses Vitamins. Um einen Liter Öl zu gewinnen, werden über eine Tonne Weizen benötigt. Es wird aus den Keimen gepresst und die Farbe des Öls ist gelblich.

Bei uns bekommen Sie naturreines Vitamin E Öl aus Weizenkeimöl. Es enthält keine anderen Öle, die häufig mit dem Naturprodukt vermischt werden. Wir achten ebenfalls darauf, dass unser Öl nicht durch Pestizide verunreinigt ist.

Where can I buy Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherol)?

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Application of Vitamin E Oil

It takes a long time for stretch marks to fade and it is to many pregnant women and new mothers.  A regular application of vitamin E oil with massage on abdomen may speed up the skin recovery. The oil can restore the skin elasticity and eliminate the uncomfortable tension on skin surface. During the post partum time the oil can also provide natural care to the rough skin.

The regular application of Vitamin E Oil scars will be fading noticeably. Just apply the oil daily on the affected area and rub gently. For new scars a complete fading is possible. The massage can promote the blood circulation and enhance the effect of Vitamin E (Tocopherol).

Using Vitamin E oil as hair mask can give the hair a silky, shiny look as well as strength from roots to ends without greasy feelings.

The Vitamin E oil can also repair skin damages caused by long exposure under sun rays. The oil can cool the skin after sunburn and eliminates inflammation, and is also suitable for treatment of skins with other inflammations such as neurodermitis – the affected areas will be recovered after a few days.

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