Original Natron Vital Powder

High quality and high purity

Natron Vital Powder – Benefits

The alkali, multipurpose, food-quality pure natron
Versatile applications for internal and external use
Easy absorbable pure natron
Contains no filler, anti-caking agent, sugar or sweetener, and free from gluten and lactose
Hint: Suitable to use as alkali foot bath salt

High quality Natron Powder

The Vital Powder contains original Natron (sodium bicarbonate) of 99.5% food-quality purity.

By simply dissolving the natron powder in water, a solution with alkali pH-value can be made and neutralise acids and can be used in versatile applications.

Where can I buy Natron Vital Powder?

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Also available:

In pharmacies in Germany (Article number: 12464638) and Austria.

In Amazon Europe.

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