Epsom Salt Vital Bath

Original Epsom Salt (magnesium sulfate) for bathing

Epsom Salt Vital Bath – Benefits

Enjoy a nurturing bath with high-quality original Epsom Salz
Bath salt containing rich magnesium for foot bath and body bath
Meets the highest quality standards – no preservatives, colourings and synthetic parfumes
Regenerates and relaxes the body, soul and muscle
Easy to use – in a convenient, resealable waterproof pouch.

Epsom salt is a naturally occurring, magnesium-rich mineral. It is name after the salt mine in Epsom, England, where it was firstly discovered.

Each package contains 1000g of original Epsom salt in a convenient, resealable pouch.

The optimal application

Recommended use

For a full bath add 2 cups of the Epsom Salt Vital Bath into bath water, then enjoy and relax for 20-30 Minutes.

Our Advice

Effective Relaxation After Sport

Epsom Salt Vital Bath works particularly effective for relaxation after sport activities.
Just step into the bath, unwind yourself and feel the relaxing power of Epsom Salt on your muscle.

Where can I buy Epsom Salt Vital Bath?

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Also available:

In pharmacies in Germany (Article number: 11103341), Austria (4325437) and Switzerland (7236243).

In Amazon Europe.

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