Epsom Salt Relaxing Bath with Lavender

Epsom Salt Relaxing Bath

Relaxing Bath with original Epsom Salt and natural lavender

Epsom Salt Relaxing Bath – Benefits

Nurturing Epsom Salt relaxing bath with natural mediterranen lavender oil
Bath salt with rich magnesium for foot baths and body baths
Meets highest quality requirements – no preservatives, colourings and synthetic perfumes
Re-energising and relaxing for body and soul
Easy to use – in a convenient, resealable waterproof standing pouch

Relaxing bath with Epsom salt and natural lavender oil

The Epsom Salt Relaxing Bath with natural lavender oil gives body and soul-relaxing and mind-calming effects. The Mediterran fragance of lavender and Epsom Salt with rich magnesium bring calming effect, untangle yourself from fatigue, and offer a nuturing relaxation.

The nurturing ingredients contains no chemical or synthetic fragance, colourings and preservatives.

The optimal application

Recommended Use

Use 2-3 times weekly. Just dissolve 2 cups of Epsom Bath Salt in bath water, then enjoy the bath for 20-30 minutes.

Effects of Lavender

The calming effects of lavender has been known for hundred years. The Relaxing Bath contains original Epsom Salt and valuable essential lavender oil that relaxes the body and unwind the soul after a long busy day.

The bath salt contains no foaming agent and synthetic emulgator that dries the skin or causes itches.

Our advice

Effective Relaxation After Sport

Epsom Salt works particularly effective for relaxation after sport activities.
Just step into the bath, unwind yourself and feel the relaxing power of Epsom Salt on your muscle.

Where can I buy Epsom Salt Relaxing Bath?

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In pharmacies in Germany (Article number: 12903730) and Austria.

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