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Stay fit throughout the winter Part 8: Thyme Balm

Gesund durch den Winter 8

Von Apotheker Alexander Helm

Aus therapeutischer Sicht überprüft von Heilpraktikerin Antje Gerhold-Andersch

Alle Casida Ratgeber Inhalte werden medizinisch überprüft.

zuletzt aktualisiert am: 12. December 2018

In the cold season we recommend our proven thyme balm with myrtle.

The balm contains carefully selected pure herbal oils from certified organic cultivation.

For example, Myrtle, Niauli, Sage & Thyme.

St. John’s wort oil, jojoba oil, almond oil and shea butter, lanolin & Beeswax included. The pure natural oils are of particularly high quality and are very gently processed into the finished thyme balm by handwork. The balm can be applied without artificial additives, preservatives or colorings and is skin-friendly.

Application: Apply the Thyme Balm three times a day to your chest, neck and back.

Product Combo Angelica Balm and Thyme Balm for Children

Bisher bei uns 21.95

incl. German VAT
21.95 / 1 Set

Thyme Balm with Myrtle

Bisher bei uns 13.95

incl. German VAT
465.00 / 1 kg

Thyme Balm with Myrtle for Children

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incl. German VAT
488.33 / 1 kg

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