Stay fit throughout winter Part 8: Thyme Balm

If you have caught common cold at an early stage, there are good remedies available in the pharmacies. We recommend Casida Thyme Balm with Myrtle as an optimal care of commom cold or flu infections with coughing, hoarseness or sore throats.

Casida Thymianbalsam Johanniskrautöl, Jojobaöl, Mandelöl Sheabutter, Lanolin, Bienenwachs

The Balm contains selected pure herbal oil from certified organic sources, that have antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, mucous clearing, cough soothing and immunity-boosting effects. Thyme helps to loosen mucous for easier coughing up. Then the respiratory tube will be cleared to facilitate breathing, and the inflammation will fade away as well.

Myrtle has calming property that relieves coughs. Niaouli, sage and thyme are mucous cleaners against following symptoms:

  • Tonsillitis,
  • Bronchitis,
  • Whooping cough or
  • Sinusitis.

The balm also contains other healing ingredients like St. John’s Wort oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, shea butter, wool wax and bee wax. The natural oils are in top quality and being prepared in manual mixing process during production. No synthetic additives, preservatives and colourings are used and it is very easy to be absorbed by the skin.

Direction of use: User the thyme balm three times a day. Just apply it on chest, neck and back and rub gently.


Extra tips: Melt half teaspoon of Casida Thyme Balm in a large bowl of hot water. The essential oil will make it a soothing vapourizer bath against common cold.

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