Magnesium + MSM Gel Vital

Zechstein Magnesium Gel with OptiMSM®

Magnesium+ MSM Gel Vital Zechstein

Magnesium + MSM Gel Vital – Benefits

Special Formula for Care of Stressful Muscles and Joints
Original Zechstein Magnesium Chloride complemented by Organic Sulfur Compound OptiMSM®
Suitable for relaxation and regenerative care of muscles and joints
Specially Good for Muscle and Sport Massages
High bioavailability with highest quality

The innovative Magnesium + MSM Gel Vital mit OptiMSM® from Casida combines the soild effect of Magnesium Gel Vital with natural Zechstein mineral with the properties of innovative organic sulfur compound OptiMSM®.

Sulfur is a key component for maintaining body functions. It is also an important substance for building and repairing cells and tissues such as cartilages,  joints, tendons, ligaments and other connective tissue. It also supports restorative balance for the immune system and the production of hormone, enzyme and amino acids.

MSM may improve joint stress recovery time and prevent chronic joint issues such as arthritis and rheumatism, hence support a healthy, active lifestyle.

Magnesium supports the relaxation and regenerative care of muscle and joints. It is one of the important substances for various body functions, from effective muscle responses, cell division, protein products, the activation of enzymes for the transmission of genetic information to transfer of nerve impulses.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), just like its precursor DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), has transportation and tranmission functions in human body, therefore a compound of MSM and magnesium may result in a synergy functions. The OptiMSM® used in Casida products has highest quality made in USA und under strict hygienic control, and is a high-quality product with 34% elementary sulfur and bioavailability – also free of harmful substances.

Magnesium + MSM Gel Vital mit OptiMSM® can be used externally on skin, and is effective during of after physical activities.


The optimal application

Magnesium + MSM Gel Vital – Direction of Use

Apply a small quantity of Magnesium + MSM Gel onto skin or fatigue muscles and massage gently.

The gel is also excellent for use before and after exercises to soothe stressed muscles. For external use only.

Our advice

Magnesium Oil Vitalspray

We also recommend our new product: Magnesium Oil +MSM Vitalspray with natural and pure Zechstein mineral. This Magnesium Oil contain high-quality pure Zechstein magnesium chloride + OptiMSM® for effective delivery of magnesium through skin. The Vital Spray is and easy to use.

Where can I buy Magnesium + MSM Gel Vital?

Magnesium + MSM Gel Vital
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Also available

In pharmacies in Germany (Article number: 14371869) and Austria.

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Perfect complement to Magnesium + MSM Gel Vital

Our Zechstein Magnesium Product Line

Magnesium+ MSM Gel Vital Zechstein
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