Magnesium Gel Vital

Pure Zechstein Magnesium Gel

Magnesium Gel Vital – Benefits

Natural product made of original Zechstein magnesium chloride and Xanthan gum gel
Perfect for therapeutic massage for restorative care direct on skin
Suitable for recovery, relief care and masssage after sport activities
Effective and easy to use
No preservatives or chemical additives

A New Form of Application

Magnesium Gel is an innovative form of effective application of Zechstein magnesium chloride. Simply apply the gel externally on skin.

The Gel contains natural Zechstein magnesium chloride and Xanthan gum gel. It is ideal for skin care and massage for muscle relief, particularly on the back and the calf.

Contain original, natural and pure Zechstein Mineral

The Zechstein mineral is named after its ancient and pristine source, the ancient Zechstein Sea, a geological formation in Northern Europe during the Late Permian Era. For 250 million years, the Original Zechstein magnesium salt has been preserved deep in the immaculate Zechstein Seabed 1600-2000 meters beneath Earth’s crust. The extraction of Original Zechstein magnesium chloride, from the purest and most pristine natural magnesium chloride source in the world, became possible in the Netherlands since 1982.


The optimal application

Direction of Use of Magnesium Gel

Apply the a small quantity of Magnesium Gel onto skin or fatigue muscles and massage gently. Also excellent for use before and after exercises to soothe stressed muscles. For external use only.

Our advice

Magnesium Oil Vitalspray

We also recommend our star product: Magnesium Oil Vitalspray with natural and pure Zechstein mineral. This Magnesium Oil contain high-quality pure Zechstein magnesium chloride for effective transdermal delivery of magnesium. The Vital Spray is and easy to use.

Where can I buy Magnesium Gel Vital 200 ml?

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Also available

In pharmacies in Germany (Article number: 12472744) and Austria.

In Amazon Europe.

Perfect complement to Magnesium Gel Vital

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