Magnesium Citrate Capsule Vital

Pure magnesium citrate in practical Capsule form

MgCitrate capsule-min

Magnesium Citrate Capsule Vital  – Benefits

Your daily magnesium supplement in organic citrate-bonding with high bioavailability and easy absorption
Extraordinary relaxation and regeneration for muscle, joints and nerves
Capsule form for easy swallowing
The optimal source to maintain daily magnesium intake
With neutral flavour and contains no Magnesium stearate, filler, anti-caking agent, sugar or sweetener!
Made in Germany.

Magnesium Citrate with high bioavailability – in simple dosage

The organic magnesium intake

The Magnesium citrate is the organic form of magnesium with high bioavailability. Citrate plays a role in nutrient conversion for energy gain of human cells, therefore when bonded with citrate, magnesium can be effectively and easily taken by human body.

The easy-to-swallow capsules provide recommended daily dosage of magnesium to your body.

Each capsule contains 121 mg pure magnesium and its positive bioavailability facilitates excellent absorption by your body.


Tri-Magnesium Dicitrat (Magnesium citrate), Capsule ingredient: Hydroxymethylcellulose

The optimal application

Take one capsule with a glass of water, fruit juice or other drinks. Take 3-4 times daily.

Where can I buy Magnesium Citrate Capsule Vital?

Magnesium Citrate Capsule Vital
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In pharmacies in Germany (Article number: 14362474) and Austria (4895732).

on Amazon Europe.

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