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Pure Bovine Collagen Hydrolysate – Pharmacy Quality

Collagen Powder – Benefits

Collagen Powder for Muscle and Bones – EU Health Claim Ordinance: Proteins support maintainence and growth of muscles and normal skeletons
Pure Collagen Protein Powder is light and fast dissolving in drinks, fruit juices, smoothies and shakes. With high protein content, this protein powder is an ideal supplement for low-carb, keto, paleo or other diets.
Fast dissolving Collagen Hydrolysate with Good Bio-availability
Neutral flavor and without synthetic additives
Made in Germany

What is Collagen?

Collagen is a protein link that can be found in human organs as support or connecting substance. It is an important fiber component in cartilages, bones, skin, tendons, muscles, blood vessels and teeth, and it can improve the regenerative ability of body cells. This protein maintains the well-form of skeleton and the condition and development of muscles. Collagen can also strengthen tendons and cartilages against pressure and external forces. Collagen can also enhance skin’s connecting tissues to keep the skin firm and elastic.

The natural aging process causes the loss of collagen content in all these structures. Therefore the intake of collagen hydrolysat is recommended as collagen supplement to the body.


100% Bovine Collagen Hydrolysate

Net weight: 480g

Recommended Dosage

10g (3 leveled tablespoons) daily. Can be mixed in drinks, fruit juices, smoothies or soups.

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Where can I buy Collagen Powder – Collagen Hydrolysate?

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In pharmacies in Germany (Order number: 15266086) and Austria (Order number: 5081687) .

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