Naturally beautiful skin in summer – do it right!

Summer skincare - do it right

Summer, sun, sunshine: This is not only good for our minds, but also for the skin. At least if we protect them well from UV radiation and properly care for them after being outdoors. Now we can stay outdoors again in the fresh air, enjoying the warming rays of the sun in a beautiful spot – what could be nicer?! Everyone who now prefers to switch their activities outside should adapt their skin care to the new conditions. Why is this important?

Summer skincare has different requirements than skincare in winter, which must be taken into account. Moisturizing and UV protection are top priorities in summer. The rich and thick creams, oils and balms necessary for the winter can now have a break and should ideally be stored in a cool and dark place.

Skin likes simple care in summer: Better moisture than grease

Instead of extensive care, skin should rely on lighter textures such as fluids, gels or emulsions in summer. UV radiation and sweating contribute to the fact that the skin loses moisture and becomes dehydrated more quickly. In particular, the evaporation of water through sweating removes important and necessary moisture from it. Fans, air conditioning, chlorinated water in the outdoor pool or salt water by the sea do the rest that the skin turns drier and therefore wrinkles emerge more quickly. What can I do now? Creams that contribute moisture e.g. through hyaluronic acid or aloe vera – ideally on a water-gel basis and with the lowest possible grease content.

A light day cream with an individually suitable sun protection factor (SPF) is always better than sunscreen – especially for sensitive skin, because a normal sunscreen covers the skin like a film that can clog pores and prevent the skin from breathing. This can quickly be the cause of blemishes, redness, allergies and blackheads – also in combination with wearing a face mask.

Hyaluronic Acid Lifting Creme with Aloe Vera

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Hydrating Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, etc

A real powerful moisturizer is Aloe Vera . The plant, which has been used for skincare and hair care for thousands of years, is an absolute all-round talent for healthy and well-groomed, radiant skin. The juice of its leaves with a lot of moisture stored is the basis for the Aloe Vera Gel from Casida . Every skin type benefits from the slightly cooling gel, which is a real treat for skin that is irritated by the sun. The more than 270 minerals, vitamins and amino acids contained are absolute power nutrients that promote the formation of the skin’s own collagen and elastin and are essential for plump skin. They also support the skin in its regeneration.

The Aloe Vera Spray from Casida has a similar effect. It is simply sprayed onto the skin or hair and thus unfolds its cooling and refreshing effect. Then it is quickly absorbed without leaving any residue and provides skin and hair with intensive moisture and valuable nutrients.

Hyaluronic acid should be present in your skin care program for summer. Hyaluronic acid is the anti-aging booster par excellence. As the skin’s own substance, it is able to store and contribute moisture. It works around the clock to rebuild the skin and make it healthy and supple. It regenerates the upper layers of the skin and leaves the skin looking softer, smoother and more radiant. Casidas Hyaluronic Acid Serum Intensive visibly firms the skin from inside out.

Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair


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Bontanical oils: regenerating body care

Natural oils are also an effective means of body care in summer. If the skin is irritated and dry, lay it over it like a protective film and prevent it from drying out . The squalane oil also works as an antioxidant by preventing oxidation of the skin’s own lipids and the subsequent formation of free radicals. For the healing of small wounds or a light sunburn, the rosehip oil and the almond oil from Casida are ideal choices.

They are each rich in unsaturated fatty acids, so they can be absorbed particularly well by the skin and provide it with valuable nutrients, lipids and a good portion of moisture. Ideal for evening use, because then they can particularly unfold their full effect at night. In addition, they strengthen the skin’s protective barrier and thus contribute to improved skin generation. This in turn makes the skin soft and supple.

If you want to protect your skin effectively from potentially harmful environmental influences, you can make use of the superpowers of vitamin E oil from Casida : it contains pure vitamin E, which can develop its antioxidant effect optimally in the skin and thus prevent premature skin aging. At the same time, it provides moisture and promotes collagen formation. This ensures that the skin looks plumper and smoother overall – it is particularly recommended for use on the décolleté.

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Extra tips: What else the skin needs in summer

In addition to the summer care routine, women should pay attention to a few other things that ensure beautiful summer skin: In the evening, the face should be gently cleaned and make-up and dirt removed thoroughly. Preferably with a mild micellar water without alcohol. Even a peeling can do no harm from time to time: it frees the skin of dead skin and the pores of sunscreen residues, sweat and sebum.

To give the skin an extra dose of care, hydrating and soothing masks are ideal. On particularly hot days, a targeted cool-down effect helps: thermal water or another facial tonic, sprayed directly onto the skin from the refrigerator, provides great cooling and has a very refreshing effect. Please do not forget: eyes and lips need special protection in summer, as the skin here is very thin and therefore particularly worthy of protection.

Anyone who drinks a lot of water, teas and juices, i.e. their entire moisture balance replenishes from the inside, is well prepared for the summer.

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