The Multitalented Natron

Natron has been believed to be an effective substance against hyperacidity and heartburn since ancient Rome. Also in ancient Greece the healing power of natron had been well told around.

Good to know: in common terms natron is also known as baking soda, natrium hydrogen carbonate or sodium bicarbonate.

The application of natron

As a common home remedy

As a home remedy, natron’s application is not only treating heartburn, but also relief of very itchy mosquito bites. It also works in soothing swollen legs, elimination of oral odours, and calming sore throats.

A small tips: for people with very serious sweating feet and find that the chemical products made just little help, it is worthy to try foot bath with natron regularly. Natron regulates the acid-alkali-balance of skin. The cleansing power of natron, particularing against bacteria and fungii, can noticiably reduce the bad smell.

How does natron work in relieving the symptoms caused by hyperacidity of stomach (aka heartburn)?

Natron is alkaline and therefore it can neutralise the gastric acid.

Good to know: the chemical sign of Natron is NaHCo3. When mixed with water, the chemical bonding in Na+ (sodium ions) and HCO3 (bicarbonate) will be disintegrated. These two substances can be produced in human body or acquired through diet. Similarly, the neutralising effect of natron is based on hydrocarbonate. Hence it is one of the most important neutralising substatnce in human body.

Using Natron in skincare

Natron is also a suitable substance for skincare thanks to its alkali pH value.

A small tips: Natron can be used as bath salt to help diverting excess acid out of the body, so that the acid-alkali balance can be restored.

People with sensitive skin will be amazed by the cleansing power of natron without skin irritation. The deodourising effect of natron can also be used as deodorant. To keep the skin soft and fine, it is also a good idea to use natron in skin-peeling.

Good to know: Natron has diversed application is household. Since it can erase bad smells and has antibacterial and antifungal properties, it becomes the best know secret of housekeeping to get rid of bad smells from carpets and upholstery. It is also a natural cleaning agent for aluminium surfaces, ceramic cooking fields and other fine surfaces.

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