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Mask-Spray DIY Guide

Self-made mask spray

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For months we have been getting used to contact restrictions. The Corona-pandemic has a significant impact on everyday life. This is especially true for working people who are exposed to frequent interpersonal contact. The obligation of wearing masks continues in all countries of the world in order to avoid droplets transmission and there is still no end foreseeable.

At Casida, we are looking for ways to make everyday life with hygiene masks as comfortable as possible – and this is the idea behind the self-made mask spray, which can be used to disinfect the inner side of the mask. In addition, the essential oils content can help you breathe more freely and create a pleasant scent to start your day stress-free.

What do I need to prepare my mask-spray?

You only need four things to make your personal spray:

  • 50ml / 100ml spray bottle: Available at Aromawelt
  • Alcohol (about 2/3 volume of the bottle) as a solubilizer: neutral alcohol such as spirit of wine or bio-ethanol
  • 10-15 drops of essential oils: for refreshment and better breathing, the suitable oils are orange, peppermint and lavender (all available in our TOP 6 set)
  • Water: to fill up the bottle

How to use the spray on the mask?

This of course depends on the strength of the mixture you have made and your personal feelings. It is enough to spray the mask intensively at the beginning of the day and leave it for a few minutes to let the alcohol evaporate. The essential oils are then well worked in and last for many hours.

Nevertheless – the application of this spray should not replace routine daily cleaning of masks in the washing machine.

What is the effect of this spray?

Wearing the face mask cannot avoid the development of bacteria. After applying the spray, the bacteria content in the mask is 99.9% lower. This is especially important in the case of common colds, in order to prevent new infections with previous viruses. Depending on the type of essential oils used in the spray, the psyche is positively stimulated and areas of the brain activated, which relax the nervous system and thus also the digestion. Apart from social masks, the spray can also be used on all other textiles or as a room spray. Our breathe-thru aroma blend „Atme durch“ is also recommended especially for room refreshment.

Natural essential oil – ideal for mask spray

Breathe-Thru Aroma-Blend “Atme durch”

  • refreshment
  • respiratory tract
  • Strengthening


incl. German VAT
1,980.00 / 1 L

Lavender Oil

  • calming
  • relaxation
  • Sleep promotion


incl. German VAT
995.00 / 1 L

Peppermint Oil

  • refreshment
  • respiratory tract


incl. German VAT
990.00 / 1 L

TOP 6 Essential Oils Set

  • Aromatherapy
  • versatile
  • wellness

Bisher bei uns 34.99

incl. German VAT
34.99 / 1 Set

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