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Foot bath with Natron

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For some people, a foot bath is part of their daily beauty routine. Foot baths, however, also have completely different effects and are quite useful for certain diseases and conditions. The composition of the foot bath is crucial – and natron or baking soda is often one of the most common ingredients.

Find out the benefits of foot bath with natron and how you can use it.

Why should I take a foot bath?

  • Stress relief

A warm foot bath expands blood vessels. If you add the stress-relieving Epsom salt Relaxing bath with lavender from Casida to the foot bath water, this effect is further intensified. The magnesium-rich Epsom salt and the natural lavender oil refresh the body and ensure relaxation.

  • Fall asleep easier

After a busy day, many find it difficult to switch off themselves in bed. Some even resort to chemical sleep aids. But before using sleeping pills, you could try a comfortable foot bath first.

  • Blood circulation for cold feet

A foot bath is also useful to tackle with cold feet, because it promotes blood circulation – regardless of the cause of the cold feet.

How does a foot bath with natron work?

According to the theory of naturopathy, a balanced acid-alkali balance is crucial for our health. The proven quality Natron Vital Powder by Casida is versatile and ideal as a foot bath additive. This product is a pure, food-grade natron (baking soda) and can also be used internally.

  • A foot bath with baking soda can normalize the acid-alkali balance when used regularly.
  • An alkaline foot bath can relieve the body that has stored an excess of acidic waste. Excess waste can have negative health effects and should be flushed out.
  • In addition to its neutralizing properties, a foot bath with natron is extremely inexpensive compared to other foot bath additives.
  • Depending on the amount of sodium in the foot bath, the pH value can be 8.5, while the pH value of the skin is around 5.5. In a warm foot bath with baking soda, the acidic slag reaches the surface through the open pores and the pH value is balanced.

How do I prepare a foot bath with natron?

All you need to prepare a foot bath with natron is a basin, lukewarm water and baking soda. The pH of the water should not be more than 8.5 – that’s about 3 teaspoons of natron powder for a basin of water. Until you discover the perfect mixture for the foot bath with natron powder, you can check the pH value with a test strip. The recommended water temperature is 37 degrees and the foot bath with natron should last at least 30 minutes.

Epsom Salt Relaxing Bath with Lavender

  • all-natural
  • stress relief


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Natron Vital Powder


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