Face Masks is vital, and you need Facial Care too

In the COVID-time, face masks become a necessity when going out. But did you notice a higher tendence of pimples and blackheads, oily skins or other complications recently?

Face masks and skin complications

If you say “yes!” immediately, here are some reasons:

  • The time wearing face masks is more than 3 consecutive hours a day – the moisture from your breath and and particles in the environment trapped inside mask and form close contact with face
  • If you use single-use surgical masks (e.g. healthcare workers) – the non-woven fabric is less permeable and less skin-friendly, causing warmth trapped inside mask and abrasion of skin
  • If you use washable masks made of synthetic fabrics (e.g. nylons, polyester) – the less permeable fabric traps heat inside mask hence sweat and grease secretion from skin
  • If the environment is relatively warm – the temperature inside mask is high and encourage skin’s sweat and grease secretion
  • If you have make-ups with foundations and powders – thick layer of foundation clogs the pores

👉 Then you have a higher risk of experiencing skin complications, because the masks trap up moisture, grease and other particles that clog pores and lead to acne breakouts.

Avoid skin complications – points to remeber

To eliminate the factors that causes clogged pores or excess heat on face, remember these points:

  • Keep your face clean
  • Avoid build-up of heat inside mask
  • Avoid skin contact of abrasing fabrics
  • Keep your face moisturised
  • Treat face complications (acnes, wounds, rashes) ASAP

Facial care amid face masks – tips from Casida

🧐 Our advices:

  • If you wear masks for public hygiene purposes (aka “community masks”), choose those made of breathable, skin-friendly cotton cloths.
    Face masks with pockets for filter inserts (e.g. paper napkins) also can prevent heat and moisture build-up;
  • ✅ If you need to wear mask for prolonged time (e.g. at workplace), keep a few spare masks with you and use to a new, clean one every few hours;
  • ✅ Take off the mask after 1-2 hours of wearing for a break
  • ✅ Avoid heavy make-up on areas covered by face masks.

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