Running out of Handrub?

According to medical experts, hand disinfection is one of the effective ways to prevent transmission of bacterial and viral carriers.

The best way is washing hands with soap and water for 45 seconds then wipe dry.

But in case of no available wash basins and water outlets nearby, disinfecting handrub would be an alternative solution – even an emergency solution after sneezing or contact with unclean surfaces.

And do you know how to make antimicrobal handrub at home?

❗️ This disinfection handrub should not be seen as substitute to hand-washing and should not be used in medical circumstances like wound disinfection.

Ingredients (ca 60ml):
Rubbing alcohol (ethanol) or vodka – 3 tablespoons
Distilled water or boiled water – 1 teaspoon
Tea tree pure essential oil (e.g. from Casida) – 2 drops
One of the following pure essential oils: Lavender/ Peppermint/ Rosemary/ Eucalytus/ Citron (available from Casida) – 3 drops
Vitamin E oil (e.g. from Casida) – 1 teaspoon
Aloe vera gel (e.g. from Casida – available soon!) – 1 teaspoon
Container – bottle or jar of ca 80ml size, with cap

✍️ Method:
1) Put all utensils and containers in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes then drain dry
2) Add alcohol, tea tree essential oil and another essential oils, vitamin E oil, aloe vera gel and water in the container
3) Close the cap and shake well

Since no preservatives is used, the natural handrub should be used up in 3-4 days.

❗️ Please consult your doctors, aromatherapists and vets for advices of using essential oils if you have children, pregnant women and pets at home.

Stay healthy!

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