Casida Beauty Routine: skincare makes simple

You find your bathroom cabinets and vanity top filled up with all kinds of skincare products – from skin toners and make-up remover to facial serums, all kinds of facial masks, peeling creams, moisturising gels, eye creams and eye pads, facial oils, day creams and night creams? And you spend more than 30 minutes everyday on facial works, but the effort does not reflect on your face?

We at Casida believe that beauty routine must not be costly and complicated. Our effortless, anti-aging beauty routine may keep your skin well-conditioned – with target-oriented products using proven ingredients. Read though this blog article to get an idea on formulating your beauty routine.

Step one: Cleansing

Cleansing is the first and the most important step. After a busy day or a night’s sleep, the face is covered by a visible and invisible layer of impurities – from make-ups, dust, grease, salts (especially if you have sweaty type of skin or working in a relative warm environments) to dust mites (!). So even if you are in a rush to do anything else, never miss this step!

While many facial cleansers using salicylic acid, mineral oils as well as other chemical ingredients, we recommend products with most simple formula at the first place. With calming and moisturising natural plant extracts from chamomile, norway spurce and olive, Casida’s Micellar Water Chamomille Natural is a multi-purpose facial water for cleansing, make-up removal and toning. The non-irritating formula carries out effective deep cleansing as the micellar molecules sweep away make-up and stain particles, leave your skin residue-free without itch and dehydration. Chamomile contains flavonioid that calms and stop itches, and brings antioxidative effect, and norway spurce extract has antibacterial and antioxidative functions for stressed skin; last but not the least – olive leaf extract hydrates and smooths skin and provide essential moisture.  Just use a cotton pad sprayed or soaked with the Casida micellar water to wipe the skin in circular motion as your day and night routine. No rinsing necessary.  The facial water contains no mineral oil, synthetic preservatives and therefore is gentle to skin.

For intensive cleansing of face with heavy make-ups, try the Casida Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair in spray bottle, or the Casida Coconut Oil Fluid 100% Pure and Natural. Coconut oil is very effective in dissolving not only oil-based but also water-resistant particles in foundation, eye shadow and mascara, so that they can be easily wiped out by cotton balls or make-up removal pads. The better thing is, coconut oil will not dry up your skin (like most alcohol-based removers) but leave your skin soft, smooth and supple. The Casida Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair contains also almond oil that its fatty acid content may help regulation of oily skin, reduce the appearance of acne and faciliate skin cell renewal.

Step two: Intensive Care

Once toning – using floral water or solution with different chemical ingredients – was the step between cleansing and the finish. The invention of serum – facial fluid with proven moisture-holding, anti-aging or anti-oxidating ingredients – has replaced toner’s position. With specific target functions, they can bring out general maintenance to intensive repair capabilities.  Here are the common but useful content found in facial serums:

  • Hyaluronic acid: keeps skin cell’s hydration level, restores elasticity and fairness; firms the skin and improves wrinkles and fine lines, puffy eyes, and age spots
  • Vitamin C: provides protection against free radicals, supports skin’s natural defensive power, and boosts collagen production, thus strengthens skin against early signs of aging. Also helps brightening dull skin and decreasing dark spots.
  • Retinol: one of the most effective regenerative substances that stimulates the cell renewal power of skin, strengthens the connective tissues, and smooths deep wrinkles. Also improves the oxygen supply to cells to the deep skin layers, reduces oxidative stress, hence delays skin aging.
  • Vitamin E (tocopherol): moisturises skin, boost the collagen building and protect the skin from free radicals.

You can consider one or all of the Casida’s beauty serum trio as part of the intensive care:

Since serums are highly concentrated, so just pump a few drops on clean fingers then apply it on skin would be the most efficient way. Most products can be used morning and night.

Retinol is one ingredient that needs a special note: if you want to use retinol serum at the day time, you might need to put on sun screen after the final step.  Also, people should refrain from using products with retinol during pregnancy and chemotherapy.

Also products without chemical preservatives and fragrances can “unload” the burden of skin cells, as well as leaving the key ingredients to work at its best. For example, Casida’s facial serums are packed in patented, light-blocking violet glass bottles with pump dispenser for extended storage life (compared to clear or amber glass bottles) and elimination of air contact (compared to pipette caps), making addition of chemical preservatives unnecessary.

You can strategically apply different serum during the day to tackle multiple skin issues. For example, one can use vitamin C serum generally on face, neck and decollte, then smear a small drop of retinol serum on particular “problem zones”.

Step three: Finishing up with moisturiser

As final finish, moisturiser is used to form a barrier layer of water and oil, to prevent dehydration of top skin layer as well as to keep it supple and soft.  Dermalogists recommends the use of facial moisturiser throughout the year – no matter as gel, lotion, cream, or the new “mousse” type, as skin hydration drains away over time, moisture-retaining products can work together with the natural oil and moisture from our skin as additional protection layer.

Casida offers two facial moisturisers as part of the anti-aging finish:

  • Collagen Cream Peptide Filler: Contains tetrapeptide and dipeptide, maritime collagen, panthenol, hyaluronic acid and narcissus tazetta (known as paperwhite or jossflower) extract. Improves skin’s elasticity, eliminates dry lines and maintains a young-looking, firm and healthy skin profile. Peptide content support body’s collagen synthesis of skin, and the patented Syn®-Ake reduces fine lines and enhances elasticity of skin.
  • Retinol Cream with Hyaluronic Acid: combinaing retinol (vitamin A) and Hyaluronic Acid to boost skin cell renewal and improves moisture-holding capability of skin. This brings the “plumping effect” from deep layers of skin to eliminate first wrinkles, and results in a vital and healthy skin profile. The additional Vitamin C and Vitamin E content strengthens the cell against oxidative stress and maintains a stable collagen structure – for skin with full elasticity vitality.

Casida’s facial creams are suitable to all skin types and can be used as day cream and/or night cream. Apply the cream on face, neck and decollete after cleansing (the use of Casida Micellar Water Natural recommended), then massage the face lightly in circular motion. Avoid direct contact with wound areas and eye area.

Both products are packed in patented, light-blocking violet glass jar (same type of glass like the serum bottles) for extended storage life (compared to clear or amber glass bottles) without the need of chemical preservatives.

All Casida beauty and skin care products are made in Germany, and without use of mineral oils, parabens, parabens, paraffin, silicon, and artifical preservatives and fragrances.

Liberate yourself from the complicated skin care procedure, and with Casida, you can make your daily skin care routine simple and effective!

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