Aloe Vera belongs to the lily family and has over 6000 years of history in its Arabic origin as curing plant – not only for sunburn for sure. The gel-like juice of the mature, outer aloe leaves helps against various skin diseases and has proven to be pain-relieving and effective, especially for sunburns.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, aloe vera has also been used in Europe for cosmetic and medical purposes. It contains different ingredients like no other plant, so the list of applications seems almost endless. The effect of the plant is a real all-rounder. The desert lily – as it is also called – appears today in hygiene products, detergents, food and cosmetics.

Why should one apply Aloe Vera on sunburned skin?

Sunburn is caused by excessive UVA and UVB radiation – whether on vacation, doing garden chores or simply when walking outdoors. But be careful: In the case of severe sunburn, not only the skin is irritated for a short time but also the skin cells are destroyed. The renewal of the skin can take up to several weeks, which can be shortened by the use of aloe vera.

After-sun creams or ointments do not cure sunburn. Some commercial products even contain fragrances that can cause allergies and PEGs that are suspected of being carcinogenic (source: “Öko Test” issue 07/2019*). A pure, natural aloe vera gel is far more recommended because it cools the skin down and has fast absorption. It is easy and painless to apply.

Aloe Vera contains over 300 ingredients such as minerals, amino acids and vitamins that support skin renewal in the event of sunburn. In addition, the use of aloe vera keeps the skin tan for longer.

Which effects of Aloe Vera are useful to cure sunburn?

The ingredients of Aloe Vera are the ideal care for irritated skin – especially for sunburn. These special effects of aloe vera for sunburn are known and proven:

  • moisturizes
  • strengthens the immune system
  • anti-inflammation
  • pain-soothing
  • strengthens the organism
  • facilitates wound healing
  • detoxification
  • supports new skin formation
  • has an antibacterial effect
  • calms the skin
  • ensures vitality

How can I get aloe vera promptly to cure sunburn?

If you don’t have an aloe vera plant at home, you can get the ready-to-use aloe vera gel from pharmacies (calling number: 16573212 in Germany) . A gel obtained directly from the fresh juice of the plant is optimal for sunburn, compared to some products derived from aloe vera powder. Only natural ingredients should be included to eliminate further stress on the irritated skin. Quality seals such as “Dermatest” indicate the performance of the aloe vera gel on skin.

If you have an aloe vera plant at home , you can cut off one of the outer, thick leaves with a sharp kitchen knife. Then cover the cut surface with a cling wrap and place the leaf in refrigerator for approx. 30 minutes. After that cut out a piece of leaf according to the the size of the sunburned area. The rest of the leaf can be put back to the refrigerator for later use. Cut the leaf lengthways and scrape out the gel with a knife or spoon. The aloe vera gel can be applied immediately on the affected area – the more often the application, the better the effect.

Casida Natural and Pure Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair

The Aloe Vera Gel for Skin & Hair from Casida is obtained directly from the fresh juice of the aloe. With its very high aloe vera concentration, it provides maximum moisture and is ideal as sunburn treatment. The pure Aloe Vera Gel from Casida is naturally pure and contains only natural ingredients. It has been dermatologically tested and obtain a “very good” score.

The aloe vera gel also helps with scars, stretch marks and skin irritation of all kinds.

Good to know: Aloe Vera is also the ideal care for scalp & hair. Find out more about aloe vera gel for hair care in our blog post.

* Source: Öko Test 2019 “After-Sun in the test: well-known creams and lotions are not convincing” Full article on

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