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Aloe Vera Gel for Hair Care

Aloe vera gel for hair care

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Many women and men know this wish – healthy, strong and beautiful hair. To get closer to this goal, we try out countless care products and are guided by advertising messages for hair oil, hair spray, hair masks, foam, shampoo and conditioners. When shopping, you still don’t know which product is right for your hair. Basically, it can be said: the fewer different ingredients and the less chemistry, the better for hair and scalp. Many products promise well-groomed, shiny hair, but these promises often include fragrances, silicones and parabens that are anything but nourishing. We have an alternative – pure, natural aloe vera gel for skin and hair.

What is Aloe Vera Gel?

Aloe Vera Gel is obtained from the mature, outer leaves of Aloe Vera. This all-rounder plant is known to most of us from a wide range of applications. Aloe vera is a healing plant that has been valued worldwide for its healing powers for thousands of years. It contains well over 160 vital substances , which have an effect on both health and beauty. The healing plant has an effect on countless implications such as wounds, injuries, burns, dry skin, wrinkles and is also used to strengthen the immune system. Here, we will explain to you why the aloe vera gel is a naturally good choice for your scalp and hair.

Hair care starts with the scalp

Basically, it must be said that healthy hair does not come solely from care, but that a healthy lifestyle also plays a role. We also often forget that not only the lengths should be cared for, but also our scalp, because: healthy scalp = healthy hair .
A healthy scalp is the basis for healthy hair and strengthened hair roots. Pure, natural aloe vera gel provides the scalp with numerous nutrients and a lot of moisture, which counteracts many problems such as dandruff and hair loss. The hair lengths are also better cared for by the well-groomed scalp – all year round. In winter, the hair is strained by dry indoor air and rubbing by hats and scarves. In summer, sunlight dries up the moisture from your scalp. Support your hair with care by applying aloe vera gel.

Our tip: If you have a sensitive scalp, you should avoid hair care products with loads of chemical ingredietns! Check the ingredient list on labels and pay attention to quality credits such as Dermatest – those with a few and only natural ingredients are the right choice.

What is the effect of aloe vera on the hair?

Aloe vera contains Vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, amino acids and water. Vitamin C and magnesium are important nutrients to stimulate hair growth . Magnesium also gives strength to the hair. Most of the aloe vera gel consists of water. Moisture is necessary to keep the hair flexible, because dry hair breaks faster and looks brittle. Many people protect their hair mainly in summer due to the heat. But the rest of the year, hair and scalp should be taken care of regularly, because washing, blow-drying, straightening and styling are very stressful for the hair. The aloe vera gel moisturizes your hair and scalp and thus enables healthy hair growth.

Aloe Vera gel for hair

  • stimulates hair growth
  • reduce dandruffs
  • helps with a dry, tense scalp
  • soothes itching
  • cares for the hair tips
  • gives silky sheen

Our recommended application

Use aloe vera gel as a hair mask two to three times a week or even daily if necessary. Massage it all over the scalp by parting the hair and massaging part by part. We recommend leaving the gel on for as long as possible e.g. overnight with a towel or bath cap on your head. It dries completely without being greasy and can simply be combed out in the morning. If necessary, you can of course rinse it out with water.

As a care for the hair tips , you apply a small amount directly to the towel-dried hair tips with your fingers.

Those who prefer a hair spray can use the Aloe Vera Spray to apply the fine mist overall on hair.

Natural Aloe Vera Gel and Aloe Vera Spray from Casida

Aloe Vera Gel for Skin and Hair

  • calming
  • moisture
  • skin regeneration


incl. German VAT
61.05 / 1 L

Aloe Vera Spray

  • after sun care
  • moisture


incl. German VAT
64.75 / 1 L


Aloe vera is not only a proven remedy as a medicinal plant for wounds, for dry skin or as a strengthening of the immune system, but also offers you the practical gel form the possibility to do something good for your scalp and hair and leads you closer to the goal – healthy, well-groomed and strong hair!

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