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7 Day Alkaline Fasting with Mayr-Course

7 Day Alkaline Fasting with Mayr-Course

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The Austrian gastroenterologist Franz Xaver Mayr (1875 to 1965) developed a naturopathic treatment course to promote health and to treat illnesses. Great attention is paid to the effect of digestion on general well-being of human. Here the purification and recovery of the intestine play a crucial role.

The four pillars of the Mayr course: the four “S”

  • Sparing (Schonung)
  • Clean-up (Säuberung)
  • Sensitization (Sensibilisierung)
  • Substitution

Sparing meants the practice of reduced food intake as well as the avoidance of harmful foods such as alcohol, sweets and high-fat foods. This relief is accompanied by healing or tea fasting. In addition to light food, stress should also be reduced and nervous stress avoided.

The clean-up of the intestines can be achieved, for example, with the use laxative Epsom salts, psyllium husks and flaxseed. The DTX Bitter Capsules from Casida can contribute these useful fibers. The loosening of deposits from the intestines counteracts fermentation and putrefaction processes, which leads to a relief of the liver. The intestines can also recover and the immune system is regulated.
Tip : If you don’t like the bitter taste of Epsom salts, try the tasteless Magnesium Citrate Powder Vital in double dosage to achieve the laxative effect.

The sensitization or (awareness) for healthy eating and drinking behavior is the next step. The relationships between gut health, the brain and the immune system have been discovered in the last 10 years. A conscious and varied food intake with sufficiently long chewing is important here. Drinking still water and sugar-free herbal teas is recommended for hydration.

The adequate supply of nutrients and vital substances is achieved through the substitution of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This strengthens the immune system and especially the digestive organs. Since over-acidification can occur as a result of the depletion of body reserves, it is advisable to take alkaline powder according to individual needs. A mineral-rich alkaline powder , which contains calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, is recommended for particularly intensive deacidification.

Tip : Citrate compounds such as those in Alkaline powder 3 “nach Rauch” have proven to be particularly favorable. These citric acid salts are true alkali builders and can break down harmful acids in the body.

Alkaline Bath

On top of the diet, alkaline baths support the body in removing waste and acids released from the body. An alkaline bath is pleasant, stimulates blood circulation and cares for the skin.

Tip : Add 80 g Natron vital powder , Epsom salt and max. 20 drops of natural essential oils (e.g. lavender ) in bath water (37-38 degree celsius) and take a bath for about an hour. Take the alkaline bath twice a week.

Additional information

Liquid intake: 3 liters per day
Duration of alkaline fasting: at least seven days
Intake of alkaline powder: 1 measuring spoon dissolved in liquid and drink up to four times a day

After about a week of alkaline fasting, you can start off easily and with new energy.

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Mayr Diet Recipe for home implementation

The Mayr diet offers a very good opportunity for your body and mind to take a little break. Due to its short duration of one week, it can also be implemented very well at home.
It is advisable to start the diet towards the end of the week or when you have a vacation. This is the best way for the body to adjust to the purification process.

In this overview there are suggested recipes that help you to get through the day.

A complete shopping list of all the necessary ingredients can be found at the end of the recipes.

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