Stay fit throughout winter Part 6: Sneeze-relieving Acupressure

This Acupressure can bring noticeable effects to relieving common cold symptoms.

In case of common cold with sneezing you can try pressing the inner ends of eyebrows with tips of both middle fingers and massage along the eye brows from inner ends to outer ends. Then you can put your index fingers at the outer sides of nose then ‘vibrate’ the fingers lightly. Finally you can also rub both sides of the nose bridge (where the bridge of eyeglasses rests) as well.

An additional acupressure point can be found on the sternum at the position of the fourth rib. If you cough a bit when pressing and massaging this point, it would be a good sign as this means your body reacting with the acupressure.

The acupressure point “He Gu (aka Di 4)” mentioned in the last episode can also relieve the sneezes. It is at the highest point of muscles on the outer side of hand where the thumb and index finger meet. Just push the thumb of another hand against this point and vibrate the thumb with light circular movements. It is recommended to work on the left hand first, then the right hand.

This application is ideal for relieving sneezes or early development common cold symptoms. Even if you have caught cold already, it can also clear the nose congestion, sooth the swollen mucous membrane as well as support the healing of cell inflammation.

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