Stay fit throughout winter Part 5: Angelica Root Balm

When the germs causing sneezing prevail, there is one natural and mild remedy that helps – the Angelica Balm from Casida. The all-natural formula makes it also good for babies and small children.

It contains pure herbal oils from certified organic source: Angelica root, Marjoram and Thyme that brings warmth and comfort as well as clearing the mucus. It can also enhance the circulation of mucous membranes and boost the immune system.

The Angelica Balm can be applied directly on outer sides of the nose, or can be spreaded a little amount on a small handkerchief and hang it on the bed side, so that babies can inhale the essential oil at night during sleeping.

The Casida Angelica Balm is also suitable to adults as a mild and natural alternative to common nasal sprays or nasal sticks.

Anti-imflammatory ingredients like St. John’s Wort oil, beewax and wool wax provide additional care to sensitive runny noses.

This Angelica Balm uses high quality, natural essential oils and manual mixing is used in production to preserve the effectiveness of essential oils. No synthetic additives, preservatives and colourings are used.

Angelikawurzel, Majoran, Thymian, Bienenwachs, Johanniskrautöl

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