Stay fit throughout winter Part 4: Give a Boost to Your Immune System

Stay Fit Throughout Winter Part 4: Give a boost to your immune system and soothen common cold symptoms by acupressure


It is familiar to everyone that moderate activities with fresh air, hot and cold showers or sauna, adequate sleep and washing hands regularly can give positive boost to immune system, as well as relieving common cold symptoms. However it is always good when you can do more!

Do you know acupressure?

As one of the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) one can see acupressure as a step before taking acupuncture. No needle is needed to practice acupressure, which means that even amateur can try it as activation of self-defense system and relieving common cold symptoms, or a regulation of unstable state of body or soul.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is believed that the life energy (aka Qi) flows through the body in blood vessels or Meridian. In this case sickness meas that this energy does not get the free flow anymore. The cause could be external like cold, hot or wet environment, but internal reasons like unstable emotion or unhealthy lifestyles could also weaken the body and cause sickness.

Acupressure is to use fingers apply pressure on specific point on the Meridian (known as acupressure point) as stimulation. Most of these points is not difficult to locate, as they are more sensitive to pressure than other points on your skin. One of the best know point is the point “He Gu” (in Germany known as Di4). It is the highest point of muscles on the outer side of hand where the thumb and index finger meet. By applying pressure on this point the discomfort of common cold, headaches or shoulder pain can be eased. Try it yourself!

Akupressur Punkt finden

Finding the acupressure point

Acupressure can be self-applied without big harm. Sure the practice by an experienced therapist or medical professional would get the best results. Also during pregnancy acupressure on some specific points should be avoided.

In the next article you can learn more about accupressure as common cold symptom relief.

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